5 essential things to consider when naming your brand or business

5 essential things to consider when naming your brand or business

Choosing what to name your domain can be a challenge, especially if your business is one that operates largely through a website. You want your domain to be memorable, but also easy to find. It can’t be too unique or people will forget it, but it can’t be so common that it gets lost in the shuffle of the millions of other websites out there.

Brandable domain names are ones that are memorable and relevant. They convey the purpose of your business, without coming across as spammy or untrustworthy. Brandable domain names don’t come out of thin air. They’re the result of hours of research, brainstorming, and validating.

We’ve got you covered with these 10 ideas for coming up with a brandable domain name:

1- Do some keyword research:

Do some SEO research to see what keywords people are typing in to find a business like yours. Whether or not you use the keywords will depend on what your business does (service businesses, including ecommerce sites, are more likely to benefit from adding keywords than other types of websites, for instance). Note: Don’t use keywords to the point that your domain name sound unprofessional or spammy.

2- Keep it relevant:

Your domain name should be relevant to what your business is and does. This means it can be direct. A domain name that hides what your business does isn’t going to be memorable, and it will be more difficult to build trust with your users.

3- Keep it simple:

Your domain name should be simple enough for people to remember and easy for people to type. It doesn’t have to be the full name of your business, and it doesn’t have to define what your business does.

4- Avoid slang:

Slang is fine for blog posts and email blasts, but keep it out of your domain name. People aren’t going to necessarily remember that you spell “you” “u,” and they might not even know what you’re trying to say with your misspelled domain name.

5- Keep it easy to pronounce:

You shouldn’t have to explain to your best friend how your domain is pronounced, and you definitely don’t want to have to spell it over the phone.

6- Check social media:

Make sure nobody is using the domain name you’re considering as a handle on social media platforms before you finalize it.

7- Choose your extension :

There are a lot of extensions out there for domains, but .com is usually your best bet for finding a brandable domain name that people will find (and trust) easily. You might want to buy domains with other extensions, though, to prevent competitors from registering other versions of your site and directing traffic away from your business.

8- Eliminate numerals:

Numbers can be tricky. People might not know if you’re using the number 6 or spelling it out (six) when you tell them your website. Numbers can also make a domain name look out of place.

9- Do a gut check with close friends:

After spending hours coming up with a domain name, you might think you’ve nailed it. But do a gut check with your close friends and family members to see if your domain name is something they’d remember or click on. If not, workshop it some more to come up with something that’s more appealing.

10- Act fast once you decide on a domain name:

Once you’ve finalized your domain name, act fast before someone else gets the same idea!

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