Feminine business names

Feminine business names

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SummaryThis name is basically combination of two different words, i.e. Spanish word “MIL” which means “Thousand” in English and Hawaiian word “LIOO” which means “To Receive” in English. So, its meanin..



SummaryOTIKA is gotten from the word otik. OTIK means auricular, or anything related to the ear. This domain name would be ideally suited for medical practices specializing in ear health, speech ther..




DILAVA.COM is a great and brandable domain name very short, only 6 letters. Easy to spell and easy to remember...



SummaryKlaasa is a name that will make sense will almost all types of industries because of the attractiveness and uniqueness of the name but it will be best suited for companies or industries which p..




SummaryThis our brand name is specifically made for companies that either produces or sells different type of plants, flowers, or even fruits. It's a name that has amazing quality and therefore should..



SummaryQUATAR is indeed an exceptional name. It's the kind of name that need a company whereby people can come and showcase their talent. This name will have the most impact in any aspect that has to ..



SummaryThe name queena is QWEENA is a word taken from “Somali” language and its meaning in English is “Ours”. And since when you pronounce the name much attention is on the word queen, it can be used..



SummaryThe first syllable the name STRAABA which is STRAA sounds like the word straw so when it is pronounced it draws the mind to an industry which either produce straw or can use straw to get the li..

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