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Great composite name. Very easy to remember and pronounce..
As a direct use of the name
SELV stands for Safety Extra Low Voltage :
SELV is frequently used for 12V halogen (or now  LED) lighting - typically down lights. Also used for doorbells, intruder alarms, some central heating controls etc.

EC can represent European Community :European Council : Executive Council.. Electrical Company..
Perfect for low voltage electrical installation company.
Any name ending in "C" stands out as being useful for Company Corporation Community Collaboration etc etc..
SEL can stand for "select" and many other uses
VEC can also represent a multitude of acronyms and shortenings
All aside SELVEC stands alone as a powerful tech sounding brand that at just 6 letters and highly pronouncable stands to and passes the "radio test"
A must for the tech/electrical  or health sales startup..     

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