Where is the cheapest place to buy a catchy business domain name in 2019?

Where is the cheapest place to buy a catchy business domain name in 2019?

The internet has changed how we do things on day-to-day basis. The whole business models has been revolutionized and now choosing the right and memorable business domain name turns out to be of paramount importance.

Domain name is not just the “name”, but a brand value it carries throughout, connecting your audience/users to the core values of your business. Considering this, the business domain name has to be catchy, memorable and short, making it easier to create the brand value.

The Importance of having Catchy Business Domain

The Importance of having catchy business domain

As they say, the short and memorable business domain name can enable you in having successful presence online. It will make your brand popular, memorable and credible amount your targeted niche.

Now if you are still thinking why you should go for catchy domain names, here are your prime reasons…

Having very short and catchy business domain names (like www.olx.com), having unique and short website URL inspires the confidence in the users. It also helps the users to quickly recall the name, making it more effective in brand call and thereby increasing credibility about business.

Having short and unique domain name enables your targeted users to have deep association with brand in the most shortest time possible. This eventually helps in engraving the brand stickiness towards users, converting them to turn up being loyal customer base in long term.

Strong and short domain names allows better visibility among crowded marketplace. Just like a storefront window, it attracts the customers by crisp and clear awareness by being more recognizable.

More so, search engines also prefer (to an extent) the niche specific domain name, which can clearly define the business.

Deciding factors for choosing Domain Name

Your online domain names says everything about you, from your presence, identity and the values you carry. In case you are planning to take your business online, it is very important to choose the domain name that fits the below listed parameters in choosing the right fit for you!

  • Length of Domain – The length of the domain ideally should be between 4-8 letters. Simple, easy to remember, concise, and easily typeable should be your thumb rule.
    - For Instance, consider www.olx.com for reference.
  • Main Keyword – Though this does not apply much, if you are choosing or going with branded terms. However, if you are in certain type of business which is very niche specific (for instance car wash), it is advisable to go with exact match domain name, like cashwash.com. As listed above too, these are also preferred by search engines
  • Choosing TLDs – This is the most confusing stage among many people. TLDs (Top Level Domains) are the extensions within domain name, being the most trusted ones.
  • The most common used TLD

    The most common used TLDs are

    • .com
    • .net
    • .org

    Now with more TLDs being recognized, we now have the variety of domains to choose from, like...

    • .mobi
    • .jobs
    • .shop
    • .club

    You will be surprised to know that new TLDs are released each week, which all are special as per geographic location and targeted audience. So, in case you are in brick and mortar business, you can go with www.example.shop domain, which clearly defines the type of business.

  • Brandable – If your domain name is easy to brand, i.e. your audience can easily connect with overall business idea, it plays an upper hand in creating the brand awareness.
  • Where to get cheapest and short domain names?

    Do you know that businesses spend thousands and thousands of dollars in getting the branded and short domain names, as these type of domain name will eventually create their brand in the market, giving good ROI and name in the market. So, once you have decided to go for short and catchy domain name, it is the time to hop on to the marketplaces which sells or lists these type of domains. There are tons of marketplaces offering very short and unique website URLs. Not only this, there are also available domain for sale listed by owners on these marketplaces too, which carries brand value, credibility and even trust.

    What is the minimum range to take if I going for short domain name?

    Cheap business domains for sale

    Over 9000 domains are getting acquired each day and this number is increasing like anything. Getting yourself a short, memorable and branded domain name is very difficult. Now many marketplace offers domains for as low as $12/year. However, don’t expect to pay that low for domain name that’s short, catchy and premium.

    The minimum range one has to take if going for short domain name is between $200-$250, if you are buying from Marketplace that sells them as much lower rate. Though usually these type of domain attracts anything between $500-$2000. You might ask, why to pay such a high price for a domain name, when you can get new one for as low as just $12/year.

    Think of your brand name getting announced on Radio by the host, and the listeners making no mistake it getting it to their mind very quickly. That brand association at short interval is what you pay for! So, go ahead and get your business a good catchy and branded short domain name.